How much does it cost to paint the interior of my home?

Interior Painting, most of us have done it at some point and time and if you are researching this page we are assuming its not your favorite thing to do. But you are in luck! Renewal Painting is happy to come and give your interior a new look.

While estimating for exterior painting is a fairly simple process, in getting a interior estimate there are quite a few factors. For example:

  • What surfaces need to be completely masked or covered?

  • Does the drywall need to repaired and if so to what extent?

  • Are wall hangings going to be taken down by us or the homeowner?

  • Can the furniture by covered or does it need to be taken to another room?

  • Spray finish or brush strokes?

With these factors it makes estimating via square footage inconsistent. So instead of going by the square footage we discern and ask questions to grab the amount of hours a project will take. Once we have the hours it’ll take for us to finish your project we give you estimates based on our hourly rate of $45 per hour plus the estimated cost of paint. We use Duration Interior by Sherwin Williams, Miller Evolution Interior, and Benjamin Moore Aura or Regal.

“Well, what if the project runs long. Will I be charged more?” If the scope of the project doesn’t change our estimate won’t change either. We are proactive in looking at any potential issues beforehand and making you aware of potential issues. If we think a ceiling going from beige to white could take 3 coats instead of 2 we will give you estimates for both and let you make the decision if you’d like the additional coverage.

I realized this post has very little joking, my apologies. Here is a dad joke:
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Here are a few cost breakdowns of some projects we have done recently:

1600 square foot interior - All walls, ceilings, trim and doors - $5500
1400 square foot interior - All walls and ceilings - $4500
12x12 room - All walls and trim - $450
Small Bathroom - All walls, ceiling, and trim - $400
12x14 room - All walls, ceiling, and trim - $750
2800 square foot new construction - All walls, ceiling, trim, and doors. Trim and doors sprayed - $14750

The best way to know what it’ll cost for us to come and Renew your interior will be to contact us. Fill out the form or give us a call today!