We rejuvenated the exterior paint on these homes shown below and more.

We've also update the interior paint in the homes shown below and more.

Do you need the paint on your cabinets upgraded? What a difference it made in the kitchen below.


Oregon City is known for its beautiful neighborhoods. One of the most notable ways to update your home is to invest in a fresh coat of paint for the exterior; you'll gain curb appeal, extend the life of your siding, and decrease the risk from weather damage during our unpredictable Oregon winters.

Our services for painting residential homes is thorough and extensive. It begins by preparing the surface to receive paint. We carefully pressure wash your home's exterior to remove built up dirt and grime from the siding, allowing the paint to fully cure to your surface and not to unwanted dirt. We then move onto sanding, priming, and caulking. This step allows for cracks to be sealed, localized failures on your exterior to be repaired, and to level out the surface to the best of our abilities. 

Once the surface is prepared we mask windows, fixtures, and the foundation to prepare for spraying. We then spray on Sherwin Williams Super Paint to the main body of the home and then use a brush and roller for the trim. 

After those steps are completed we pack up our stuff and let you enjoy your renewed home. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate on your exterior project!


Do you want to give your home an updated look that sets the perfect atmosphere? New Interior paint is one of the best ways to make your home your favorite place to dwell; it adds beauty, value, and character. Whether you're looking to try a new trend, spruce up a bedroom, or recreate the interior of your entire home, Renewal Painting offers professional services, exceptional quality, and customized bidding to best suit your needs. 

When you hire a professional to do a project, you want them to use professional equipment and products for their work. That is why we pride ourselves in not getting our paint from box stores but rather from companies that specialize in paint production. Our favorite product's to use are Miller Paint's Evolution or Sherwin Williams Super Paint. Both of these products provide a durable and lasting finish to each project that we complete. 

We know you'll be pleased with the products we use and the service we provide. Our interior service will leave you feeling more at home then ever. For even more peace of mind, read what our customers say about their experience with Renewal Painting!


Do you have a small painting project that needs to get done? Our painter-for-a-day services offer you a great way to get multiple small projects done or to get professional assistance with bigger projects you can't get done alone.

Your professional painter will be at your home for eight hours. This is enough time to do a small bathroom, a few accent walls, small cabinets, or tackle the most difficult to reach places in your home. Our program is $350 a day and will be the best bang for your buck on completing your painting projects.