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About Renewal Painting's Vision

Your home is meant to be a place of refreshment and center of life for the people you care about most. Whether we’re painting the interior or exterior of your house, the vision of Renewal Painting is the same; to increase the beauty of your home and your neighborhood.

We want to help you give back to your neighborhood and your loved ones; to see your community prosper because of your presence. We’ve learned your home’s exterior paint can make as big of an impact on your community as the interior paint can make on your family. Contact us today to get the colors and the quality your home deserves!

Bryce & Amber Knudson, Renewal Painting owners

Bryce & Amber Knudson, Renewal Painting owners

Meet the Owner

Hi! I am an Oregon-born husband, son, brother, uncle, and painter from Philomath, OR. I first began painting professionally in 2008. The culmination of a hard working father and an entrepreneurial grandfather gave me the desire and drive to start Renewal Painting, officially, in April of 2016. My faith and belief that all things can be made new is the driving force behind this company. My goal in life is to be a part of renewal; seeing both people and their homes become what they're meant to be.

-Bryce Knudson